You can see a picture of the items that are underlined just by clicking on them.


Tequeños (6) $5.75

Your choice cheese, guava and cheese or mix.

Arepa Chips $3.99

Fried Arepitas $3.99

With white cheese.

Tostones (6) $3.25

With white cheese and pink sauce.

Fried Yuca $3.25


Cachitos $2.75

Ham and cheese.

Panini $5.50

Ham or turkey, cheese and eggs.

Add shredded beef, chicken or pork $2.00

Venezuelan Breakfast $7.50

Shredded beef, black beans with cheese, eggs and fried or grilled arepa.

American Breakfast $5.25

2 toast, eggs, bacon.

Add shredded beef, chicken or pork $2.00


Fried cornmeal filled with:

White Cheese $2.25

Dominó $2.25

Shredded Beef $2.55

Shredded Chicken $2.55

Pabellón $3.25

Shredded beef, black beans and fried plantains.


Traditional $5.99

White or yellow cheese.

Queso de Mano $5.99

White soft cheese.

Guayanes $5.99

White soft cheese.

Dominó $5.99

Black beans and white cheese.

Ham & Cheese $5.99

Turkey or cooked ham.

Specialty Arepas

Catira $6.75

Shredded chicken and gouda cheese.

Pelua $6.75

Shredded beef and gouda cheese.

Perico $6.75

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions and white cheese.

Reina Pepiada $6.75

Shredded chicken, avocado/mayo.

Ensalada de Pollo (Chicken Salad) $6.75

Shredded chicken, potatoes, carrots, mayo and touch of mustard.

Signature Arepas

Rumbera $6.99

Pork and gouda cheese.

Pabellón $6.99

Shredded beef, black beans, fried plantains and white cheese.

Camarón $6.99

Shrimp grilled with green, red peppers, onions and white or yellow cheese.

Carne Asada $6.99

Grilled steak, white or gouda cheese and pico de gallo.

Create Your Own Arepa$7.99

Arepón $8.99


Special Lunch $6.99

Served monday to friday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

Parrilla $13.99

Grilled steak, chicken and sausage, white cheese, arepitas, yuca, pico de gallo with guacamole.


Traditional $8.99

Shredded beef, chicken or pork, white rice, black beans, sweet plantains and small salad (lettuce-tomatoes-onions).

A Caballo $9.50

With egg.

Lunch Special

Chicken Breast $9.50

Smoked Pork Chop $9.75

Palomilla Steak $10.75

Pick 3 Sides

White rice, blacks beans, sweet plantains (maduros), green plantains (tostones), salad of the day or french fries.


All sandwiches are served on a 8" french bread.

Pepito $7.99

Steak, or chicken with bacon, mozzarella, gouda and parmesan cheese, potato sticks with ketchup, garlic and cilantro sauce.

Pepito Mixto $8.99

Steak and chicken.

Willy $7.99

Steak, sweet plantains, swiss cheese, potato sticks and mayo.

Cuban $7.99

Ham, shredded pork, swiss cheese, pickels and mustard.

Tripleta $7.99

Ham, shredded pork, steak, swiss cheese, pickles, potato sticks and mayo ketchup.


Mixed $9.25

Your choice of beef, chicken, pork or mixed, served between 2 fried green or sweet plantain slices with garlic, signature sauce and ketchup, coleslaw salad, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

Patacón Pabellón $9.25


Traditional $7.75

With soft white cheese.

Customer's Choice $8.75

Beef, chicken or pork and soft white cheese.

Pabellón $9.50

Shredded beef, black beans, fried plantains and soft white cheese.


Venezuelan Hamburguer $8.99

100% ground beef, ham, mozzarella cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, potato sticks, garlic and signature sauce, ketchup and french fries. You can add egg and/or queso de mano for an additional charge.

Crispy Chicken $8.99

4 pieces, 4 arepitas, 1 coleslaw salad and french fries.

Cesar Salad with Bacon $5.00

Add chicken $2.00

Salad with Lettuce, Tomatoes and Onion $4.00

Add avocado $1.75

Kids Menu


4 chicken nuggets with french fries.

Mini Pabellón $4.99


Fried Plantains (06) $3.00

With white cheese.

French Fries $3.00

White Rice $2.00

Eggs (2) $1.50

Avocado $1.75

Black Beans $2.00



Sodas Can $1.50

Specialty Sodas $1.75

Frescolita, Malta, Kola Champagne, Postobon, Colombiana, Guarana.

Fruit Juice

Passion fruit (maracuya), mango, mora, soursop (guanabana) or lulo.


Espresso $1.75

Capuccino $2.75

Café con Leche $2.75

Café con Leche Large $3.50


Cake Tres Leches $3.50

Quesillo (flan) $2.75